Jonathan Ancer is a journalist who has worked as a reporter at The Star, a features writer for magazines, the editor of Grocott’s Mail and a crossword columnist for the Cape Times. He has produced podcasts and is the co-founder of the.news.letter – a daily and lighthearted (AND FREE) digest of what’s going in the world. He has won awards for
breaking news, feature writing and creative writing, and is the author of The Victor Within and Spy: Uncovering Craig Williamson – about South Africa’s ‘super spy’ and apartheid assassin. His latest book – Betrayal: The Secret Lives of Apartheid Spies is due out in August 2019. Jonathan has the largest collection of Billy Bunter books in South Africa.

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  1. Susanna Coleman says:

    Hi there

    earlier this year you wrote a hilarious piece in Cape Times where a lady wrote in using terrible spelling and grammar, about a love triangle she was involved in. she asked for advice, and you wrote back that she should give up love, and learn how to spell first. learn to follow the rules first, then look for satisfaction…

    is it on your blog, where could i see the piece? i refer to it often, and would love a link!
    thank you for your most entertaining writing!


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